HVE- Protocol on high environmental value.

The objective of HVE High Environmental Value is to identify and improve agricultural practices that are more respectful of the environment.
The process to obtain certification is exclusively voluntary.
It can be done individually or in a collective setting.

The HVE certification of High Environmental Value based on the fulfillment of obligations on four key issues of the certification: the preservation of biodiversity, the phytosanitary strategy, the management of fertilization and the management of water sources.

First Level

It corresponds to the way of carrying out production environmentally and to the realization by the farmer of an evaluation of his exploitation according to the specifications.

Second Level

It certifies respect for the farmer a specification that includes obligations of the means, reasoning the contributions entered and to limit leaks in the environment. It is in this context that environmental approaches can be recognized, if the level of the environmental requirements of their specifications and the level of the requirements of their system are considered equivalent to the environmental protection certification scheme.

Third Level or high environmental value

Based on obligations of results measured by environmental performance indicators.

Levels 2 and 3 are subject to certification of the whole operation by a Certifying organization approved by the French Ministry of Agriculture. In charge of agriculture. This certification can be done individually or in a collective framework.

In Spain it is not auditable since the standard is not homologated with any certification. Biodiversity Grow has evaluated the standard against the HVE with respect to all auditable points, and this program may be compatible with all the points of the protocol, the producers that are within the BIODIVERSITY GROW program can more than comply with all the points required within the HVE protocol. .