Purpose mark in sustainability


Theoretical-practical methodological program developed in collaboration between Quality & Adviser, S.L. and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (with a public contract), through which tools are applied that allow the farmer to advance in the process of continuous improvement of the sustainability and functional biodiversity of the crop, as well as in the progressive reduction of the use of pesticides.

Who make it up?

The Program is made up of technicians from Quality & Adivser, S.L. and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in addition to the interested parties (farmers, technicians, handling centers). In this sense, the program staff will prepare reports on the status and improvement of the products and management units that fall within the scope of the program and whose owners wish to obtain validation of the program.

Brand Purpose

The program has an ethical purpose in relation to sustainability, biodiversity, the reduction of pesticides and therefore focuses its objective on people's health and the fight against the deterioration of the planet due to climate change by allowing consumers actively participate and engage with your purchase in furthering these goals.

BIODiversity GROW and the 17 ODS

Biodiversity Grow is a brand with a purpose, it is grown on GLOBAL G.A.P and GRASP farms.

Biodiversity Grow belongs to the group of products for companies that enjoy the Sustainable Development Commitment seal.

Through Biodiversity Grow Cultivation and Packaging, we are working, among others, on OBJECTIVES 3,6, 12,13 and 15 OF THE GLOBAL COMPACT, generating a product between the Conventional and the Organic


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